Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces: The Top 5

by admin on June 12, 2013

More and more people who are seeking remedy for snoring are looking into oral appliances since these are the first line of treatment for snoring and mild cases of sleep apnea. Needless to say, anti-snoring mouthpieces are not created equal. There are different types, different brands, and different features which you have to consider when obtaining one. Here we have compiled the top anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market today based on quality, ease of use, user ratings, and price.

Rank No. 5 Snore Guard

Snore Guard is a mandibular advancement device that works by aligning your jaw in a comfortable forward position keeping your airway open and preventing vibration that cause snoring. With patented Air Flow Technology, the mouthpiece allows you to breathe comfortably through your mouth when you sleep. Snore Guard has been used in clinical setting since 1989 but in the United States, you will have to ask your dentist about a prescription for the device and it will have to be professionally fitted by a dentist. Conversely, if you live in Canada, no prescription is necessary.

As with most jaw retaining devices, you may experience some discomfort when you use Snore Guard for the first time. Adjustment period may take the first one to two weeks but any discomfort is supposed to diminish as you get accustomed to the device.

While patients find it effective, many individuals prefer other brands that are easily accessible over-the-counter. The fact that you also need to replace the unit every three to six months is also deemed a drawback due to the frequent unit and dentist’s fees involved. Learn more about this mouthpiece from our Snore Guard review.

Rank No. 4 Vital Sleep

Securing the fourth spot is Vital Sleep, another jaw retaining device that is designed to improve airflow into your lungs and to help you achieve quiet breathing as you sleep. This FDA-cleared device is FDA-cleared and is made of high quality, BPA-free, thermoplastic materials created by Dupont. It boasts of its 95% effectiveness rate and guarantees to make you feel more rested and refreshed when you awake.

Because it is another device fashioned according to mandibular repositioning technique, you may experience some jaw or tooth discomfort which are expected to diminish as you get used accustomed to the unit after several uses.

Vital Sleep has its share of positive and negative reviews. While it does work, many users think its quality can still be improved. It only allows you to remold the unit up to three times.

Rank No. 3 Zquiet

A Class II medical device for the treatment of snoring, Zquiet is engineered similarly to most jaw holding devices. It boasts of an exclusive feature referred to as Living Hinge Technology. The mouth opens and closes as natural movements when you sleep but these movements are usually made difficult when you wear bulky jaw retainers. Zquiet’s Living Hinge Technology, however, enables you to freely open and close your mouth as you sleep.

Discomfort in the jaw, teeth, and face are natural side effects during the first few hours to weeks of using Zquiet. They should disappear, though, once you have gotten accustomed to wearing the device.

Users prefer this brand since the device does not involve setup. You can use it right out of the package. The downside is it comes in one size that fits all and does not allow you micro-adjustability. You can only try to improve the fit if you trim the edges.

Rank No. 2 Good Morning Snore Solution

Developed by leading sleep researchers, Good Morning Snore Solution is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is easier and more comfortable to use compared to devices created according to mandibular repositioning technique. This is the only tongue retainer that made it to our list, and is gaining more popularity among snorers due to its efficiency rate.

Because it is just a tiny device that slips between your lips and attaches to the tip of your tongue, you will have no need to worry about side effects that are usually associated with jaw retainers like tooth or jaw pain. You may likely experience drooling and tender tongue though which are expected to diminish after several uses.

This brand is favored by many not only because it has been proven effective and easy to use but also because individuals who are wearing dentures now have an option. It also lasts longer than other anti-snoring mouthpieces. It is important to note, however, that if you cannot normally breathe through your nose or if you have chronic nasal congestion, this device is not suitable for you.

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