Does Puresleep Work? The Truth Is Here

by admin on February 26, 2014

Modern technology and medicine combined together have managed to bring a solution that will help you stop snoring (and start sleeping better). Pure Sleep may be one of these solutions but before you try it, discover the secrets behind this product and see if it’s worth a shot.

What is PureSleep?

This anti snoring mouthpiece is made out of a material that is comfortable for use during the night and its makers claim that it is a 100% American product, which makes it of a higher quality than the similar products manufactured overseas. It is recommended by dentists, which makes it more reliable for many of the people out there. The product comes with two parts: an upper one and a lower one and both can be fitted into three positions, according to your bite (which is why this device is more comfortable than other similar devices out there). Also, you should know the fact that it has to be boiled for about one minute to fit perfectly into the mouth and to be 100% comfortable during your sleep.

How Does It Work?

People snore when the airway is partially blocked by the soft tissue at the back of the human throat (which can sometimes relax during the sleep). When the air tries to get through, the throat vibrates and it creates the actual snore. What the device presented here claims to do is simply move your jaw forward, so that air has enough space to get through.

Basically, this device can be adjusted to your bite and boiled afterwards, so that it fits perfectly comfortable in your mouth. When you bite it, it will prevent your lower jaw from moving and this will stop you from snoring. The device is completely safe to use and it has been cleared by the FDA in the United States of America, so you will not have to worry about your safety while using it.

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Real User Reviews

Let’s see what users have to say about this device. Here are a few excerpts taken from other PureSleep reviews.

Does It Really Work?

Considering the concept behind the product and a few feedback from actual users, we could say that it actually works. Its quality, comfort, and efficiency, however, are a different story. There isn’t much real user experiences that have been published except for those published on the product’s official website. Because of this, we can’t confidently recommend the product especially since we know there are better alternatives out there with tons of positive feedback from actual users.

Better Alternative

When it comes to stopping yourself from snoring, a trusted mouthpiece would be SnorRx. It is designed with much more attention to the details. Everything about it is carefully created so as to make it as comfortable as possible, from the cushions for the teeth to the fact that you can lock the setting you select. Even more, the longevity of this product can go up to 12-15 months, which makes it a good investment. Find out how this mouthpiece works on our SnoreRx review.

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